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Miike (NBTHK Juyo-Token)

Japanische Schwert Galerie

Experience the excitement and unparalleled with this exceptional katana, dated to the Kamakura period in the 14th century. The "mumei" signature and the signature make this blade a special collector's item. The shinogi-zukuri form is particularly impressive due to its 68.18 cm (27 inch) long blade with a curve of 1.32 cm (0.52 inch) and a chu-kissaki.

The kitae consists of an itame-forging structure with jinie and utzuri, ensuring a robust construction and unparalleled beauty. The nie-deki suguha with notare and gunome-hamon are characterized by a thick nioiguchi, ashi, and sunagashi with long kinsuji.

This masterpiece features an o-suriage blade grip with 2 tang holes and a weight of 650 g (1.43 lbs).

It was identified by Dr. Kanzan Sato as the Miike-o-suriage-mumei from the possession of the Shimazu family and received the NBTHK paper at the 11th Juyo session in 1963.

The katana is completed by an elegant shira-saya mount. This blade is a true gem for any collector or lover of traditional Japanese swords.

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