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Sekishu Naotsuna (NBTHK Juyo-Token)

Japanische Schwert Galerie

For sale is a valuable Katana by the blacksmith Sekishu Naotsuna from the Nanbokucho period in the 14th century. The sword is mumei and unsigned with a blade length of 28.6 inches (71.6 cm).

The form of the sword is a shinogi-zukuri with a chu-kissaki and a double-edged ko-maru-kaeri point hardening with hakikake. The blade curvature is 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) and shows a clear tori-sori despite being shortened. The blade handle is shortened by o-suriage and has 3 nakago-ana holes, one of which is closed.

The width at the hamachi is 1.3 inches (3.30 cm) and the width at the kissaki is 0.9 inches (2.4 cm). The blade back is iori-mune and the blade thickness at the back is 0.3 inches (0.7 cm). The forging structure is itame with mokume and partially o-hada, with hada standing out on the entire blade and being rather dark with jinie and chickei.

The hard line is a combined gunome midare-ba with plenty of ashi, many sunagashi and thick nie. A wide bohi with kaki-nagashi is carved on both sides.

The weight of the sword is 800 g and it has a Juyo (Session) from 1994. The saya-gaki describes the Katana as o-suriage and mumei with a wide mihaba, large point, and tori-zori, which shows the typical form of the middle Nanbokucho period and is considered a special masterpiece with Naotsuna's workmanship.

The Katana is mounted in a shira-saya and is offered for sale. It is highlighted as a masterpiece and is depicted in "Swords of the Nihonto Club Germany" by Markus Sesko in 2011.

Naotsuna is one of the "ten disciples of Masamune" and the sword can be attributed to a masterpiece of the middle Nanbokucho period due to its characteristic features.

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