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Bishu Osafune ju Morikage
(NBTHK Juyo-Token)

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 very rare ubu signatured and dated Naginata made by Morikage

(NBTHK Juyo-Token)

Naginata in shira-saya (NBTHK 22nd Juyo.Token)

with saya-gaki by Tanobe sensei


Signature: shitoku 3 nen 2 gatu hi

                 Bishu Osafune ju Morikage


saya-gaki: Bizen Osafune Morikage


This blade has a ubu-nakago with a shichiji-mei (7-character signature) and a date signature of the twelfth month of shitoku three (1386).

Nagainata from this period are very rare, so this blade is also a very important reference piece. In addition, the jiba shows the typical characteristics of this smith and the work is far an excellent deki.

Morikage was descended from the Chikakage lineage and was a smith of the next generation of the Osafune forge, i.e. already active somewhat later and we know date signatures from Koan (1361-1362), i.e. middle Nanbokucho to Oei (1394-1428), i.e. beginning Muromachi.

This blade received juyo-token status during the 22nd juyo-shinsa.

Blade length 2 shaku 1 sun 3 bu.


- chin chin cho cho - (very valuable, very important)


First third of the second month of the year of the horse of this period (=2014).

Reviewed and written by Tanzan Hendo (Tanobe Michihiro)


Master polish by Kenji Mishina sensei


Blade length : 61,5 cm

Sori: 3,33 cm

Mekugi: 2

Nanbokucko period, Shitoku era (1386)


Jitetsu: itame with o-itame hada with jinie and utzuri.

The hamon is a gunome, ko-gunome based on a suguha. Strong niokuchi with ko-nie.many ashi and yo, as well as sunagashi.

Ubu-Naginata with signature and date is extremely rare!







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