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Taikei Naotane (NBTHK Tokubetsu-Hozon)

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Signature: Shouji chikuzen dai jou taikei Naotane

Dating: Bunsei 13th chushu (1830)

Saya-gaki: Taikei Naotane, 8 character signature with stamp (kao). This sword is made bunsei 13th year. The suguha is clear. The two horimono are incised by "yoshitane". The blade length is 1 shaku, 2 sun, 6 bu. Written by Dr. Tanobe.

The offered blade from the Shin Shinto period is a masterpiece of the master smith Taikei Naotane. The two horimono, a dragon and ken sword were incised by the famous horimono tailor Yoshitane. The blade length is 38.48 cm and has a sori of 0.9 cm. The hira-zuki shape allows the two excellently incised horimono on both sides to be fully displayed. The jitetsu is an itame-hada merging into an o-hada with a lot of jinie. The hamon is a suguha in nie.  The mune is a maru-mune, rather rarely encountered. The work is in soshu-den. Naotane imitates a work by Sadamune in this piece and can thus be called utzushi.


The blade was optimally polished in 2019 by master polisher Kenji Mishina sensei and fully expresses its radiant beauty.

A perfect state of preservation, the nakago is superbly preserved with one hole, signed and dated. The two horimono are preserved in top condition.


Taikei Naotane is one of the best swordsmiths of the Shin Shinto period.


An absolutely recommendable investment and a jewel in every collection!

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