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Yamato Hosho
(NBTHK Juyo-Token)

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fantastic and very rare Yamato Hosho-tanto (NBTHK Juyo-Token)

Tanto Yamato Hosho in shira-saya, NBTHK Juyo token


attributed to Hosho (middle Kamakura period).


The blade is in hira-zukuri with bohi incised on both sides and has a length of 26.3 cm. No sori, so straight. The kasane is 0.62 cm with mitzu-mune.

The jitestsu is an itame with mokume and masame. The blade is completely covered with ji-nie. The hamon is a suguha with ko-ashi in ko-nie-deki with brilliant luminosity.

The tanto is unsigned, which can be considered normal for Hosho throughout.

Many blades of the Hosho school are unsigned, but there are also a few signed pieces. The tang end is ubu with a kiri tang end and has three holes, two of which are sealed with lead. Very rare.


The blade has a juyo token of the NBTHK of the 36th session.

As well as a saya-gaki of Tanobe sensei.


Yamato Hosho

Although the ubu-nakago is mumei, the piece shows sufficiently all characteristics of that school. An excellent piece which also shows a robust and healthy jiba. "chin chin cho cho" (especially rare, especially valuable).

Blade length 8 sun 6 bu.


Viewed and noted by Tanzan in the first third of the tenth month of the year of the pig of the period Heisei.

of the pig of the period Heisei (2007).


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