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Etchu kami Masatoshi
(NBTHK Juyo-Token)

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Shinto-Naginata signiert - Etchu kami Masatoshi -

in shira-saya und saya-gaki von Tanobe sensei

Naginata in shira-saya and saya-gaki (NBTHK Juyo token)
Signature: Etchu kami Masatoshi (1st generation)

Naginata in shira-saya (NBTHK 21st Juyo.Token)
with saya-gaki by Tanobe sensei
saya-gaki: Soshu Etchu no kami Masatoshi

The blade length is over 1 shaku 6sun 7 bu and a half.
Five-character signature and naginata by him are very rare.
This naginata has the typical shape, as well as the ji-nie, the broad and clear hamon. The hamon is in nie-deki, ko-gunome mixed with suguha with ashi. The boshi is togari. 21st juyo token. Written by Tanobe, May 2019.

This blade from the early Shinto period is equivalent to a saijo-saku and has a very good polish. The blade length is 50.8 cm, the sori 2.6 cm, the width of the hamachi is 2.97 cm and the kasane is 7.5 mm thick.

A very healthy and long naginata. The ko-itame with ji-nie and chickei forms a beautiful forged structure. The hamon is a broad and clear suguha with small ashi.

A rare example and an enrichment for every collection.













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