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Sukehiro (2nd Generation)
NBTHK Tokubetsu-Hozon

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Shinto wakizashi in shira-saya and koshirae

Signature: Echizen kami Sukehiro (2nd generation) with NBTHK Tokubetsu-Hozon paper

A masterpiece of Osaka-Shinto!
Province: Settsu

Edo period (Manji)

nagasa:47.5 cm
kasane:0.7 cm
sori: 1,2 cm
mekugi: 1
jigane: beautiful ko-itame with ko-mukume-hada with jinie
hamon: nie-deki gunome midare with o-gunome, deep nioguchi
hataraki: ashi, yo, sunagashi and kinsuji
new master polish by Kenji Mishina sensei (2021)
saya-gaki by Tanobe-sensei (2021):
Sesshu Echizen kami Sukehiro
Five-character signature. The kinge is made by Sukehiro (2nd generation). Chronologically circa 1658 (Manji). Beautiful ko itame-hada. Hamon in based on notrare with mirade and choji-midare. Deep nioguchi. Many ashi.
This blade is a masterpiece of this school. Blade length: 1 shaku, 5 sun, 6 bu. Written by Mr. Tanobe.

The blade has a tokubetsu hozon paper of the NBTHK and a matching and contemporary koshirae. The sword can be mounted.

Sukehiro second generation is with one of the best swordsmiths in the Shinto period and is located in Osaka province. Absolutely recommended, perfect condition.
The new master polish here brings out the best of Sukehiro's smith.

One hears again and again, one should collect only Katana, I see this somewhat differently. Because just in the Shinto period the merchants came to amazing wealth and could afford swords of the very best smiths, unfortunately they were not allowed to carry katana or longswords because of their origin.

All the more value was placed on a Wakizashi of the highest quality!


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