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Hizen Tadayoshi 3. Generation
(NBTHK Tokubetsu-Hozon)

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Shinto wakizashi in shira-saya with saya-gaki
Signature: Hizen koku mutsu kami Tadayoshi
with matching koshirae
NBTHK tokubetsu hozon paper


Saya-gaki: Hizen kuni mutsu kami Tadayoshi, 8 character signature. The blade is made around the 6th-7th year Kanbun. Konuka hada with thick nioiguchi and ko-nie. The hamon is a broad suguha. It shows the typical characteristics of this school very well. Blade length 1 shaku, 7 sun, 5 bu. Written by Dr. Tanobe.

The offered blade from the Shinto period is a showpiece of the master smith of the 3rd generation, Tadayoshi, who as a jyo-jyo-saku smith has demonstrated his talented skills here.

The blade has a length of 53.2 cm, a sori of 1.1 cm. The hamachi is 3.11 cm wide and the motohaba is 2.2 cm wide. Kasane is 6.4 mm thick. A slightly larger chu-kissaki, the entire blade with good successful shape and esthetics. The jigane is a fine and even ko-itame and is therefore called -konuka-hada-.Fine chikei are visible. The hamon is a suguha made in nie with wide noiokuchi, ko-ashi and yo. The boshi is togari with hakikake.The blade was repolished a good two years ago by the master polisher Kenji Mishina and shines in all its glory.

The koshirae was newly made for this blade using antique fittings.

Blades of this quality from the 3rd generation Tadayoshi are extremely rare!

- a highlight in every collection! -


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